Professional Poker players have become bonafide celebrities. Not only do these larger than life characters make it seem like playing Poker is a viable living, they also make it seem like a grand lifestyle. But is this a case of playing to the camera, or is it really possible to live a comfortable life simply by playing cards?

Let’s take a closer look. Remember; no matter which casino game is being played smart players know how to gamble responsibly.

Skill Versus Luck

Casino games fall into very specific categories. The classic games found at a site like ZAR casino are indeed based around luck. These include Roulette, Baccarat, and the ever popular slots. Though, that doesn’t make the games any less fun, and evenluck based gambling activities benefit from a smarter approach.

Then there are games like Poker and Blackjack. These are games of skill. The bottom line is, with a great deal of practice, that a better player will always win more frequently. In the case of Blackjack it is all about playing a perfect game, while Poker is something else entirely. Poker played against opponents does have an element of luck, but a better player will almost certainly beat less skilled rivals. It is a game of skill, without question.

Playing Like A Pro

Anything done for a living stops being a game and starts being a job. Yes, Poker is entertainment for most, but for a pro it is hard work. Practicing, researching, understanding and honing skills is essential. There are no professionals that play, have a laugh, and somehow walk away with money in their pocket. Professionals work hard, spend countless hours researching, and deal with the reality of losing.

There is still an element of luck involved. It is true that a good player can turn a losing hand into a win, but what happens when luck just consistently isn’t offering up good hands? That is the reality of the game, and as much a part of the experience as being skilled.

Sometimes Losing Is Inevitable

Speaking of bad luck, this is perhaps the biggest challenge of being a professional player. Well known player Daniel Negreanu explained as much in an interview. He pointed out that in other professions putting in a hard day’s work is generally rewarded with a pay cheque. In Poker, he continued, it is possible to play for hours, put in immense effort, only to walk away owing money.

Of course, there are also the times when it all works out perfectly. Those that make it into the World Series of Poker, and do well, sometimes earn enormous sums of cash. Only, in this case the money has to last until the next uncertain payout. Hence, one of the biggest skills a pro player learns is discipline.

Managing money is a major factor of being a pro, as much in Poker as in life itself. Hence, from the potential of bad luck, to the uncertainty of more income, this likely isn’t a career that most are looking for.

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