Roulette is amongst the oldest casino games in the world, having been invented centuries ago. But, interestingly, the rules have almost not changed in all that time. Why? Because Roulette operates on a perfect system of risk versus reward. It is possible to approach the game brazenly and still have a good time, or to employ strategies and maximise the chances of winning.

To put it bluntly; those that approach Roulette with a plan are far more likely to walk away winners. Let’s take a look at a few essential tips that will increase the chances of winning.

Choose The Right Game

All Roulette wheels are equal, right? Absolutely not. An interesting thing happened with the traditional wheel when it finally made its way over to the United States. An extra pocket was added, namely the 00. Since the 0 and 00 pockets represent the house edge, more 0s are not beneficial for the player. The European wheel still only has a single 0 pocket, and so is the undebated better choice for players.

European Roulette also has the En Prison rule, which is just as beneficial. With En Prison if a player has made a bet on even money, such as black or red, and the ball lands in 0, a courtesy is granted. The bet stays in place until the next round. The bottom line is that the European version of the game is the better choice and sites like Grand Rush casino are happy to let players choose this variant.

Betting Smarter

Everyone likes to throw down random bets on Roulette; it can be very entertaining. But smart players know that a strategy is essential. If putting down bets with a plan, the chances of winning at least some money go up dramatically. No, putting a repeated bet on a lucky number isn’t going to yield results in the long term.

Roulette is specifically designed to allow for what is known as maximum table coverage. The ingenious betting options mean that a great deal of the table can be covered, providing big win opportunities, even while smaller wins are still possible. Hence, with a little planning a smart player can go far.

Some Simple Betting Tips

A simple yet effective approach goes as follows. A bigger bet is put on a lucky number, a second smaller bet on the first, second or third twelve, and another bet on red or black. The bets should be positioned so that the lucky number bet benefits from all of the above.

The chances are that the lucky number will take some time to hit, but in the meantime some money can still be made with the smaller bets. At least enough money to cover the cost of the other bets. With some luck the number will eventually hit, which should push the winnings well into the green. It is still a matter of probability, but this approach is far smatter than hoping for the best.

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