You may be interested to learn about the most famous casino heists and scams of all time. These famous thieves and fraudsters have stolen millions of dollars from casinos around the world.

Zubaid Ibrahim Al Jarmi robbed a casino cage at the Venetian

Las Vegas is on a roll with casino cage robberies of late. This is the fifth in a row albeit it has been more than a month. The latest occurred on Monday evening just before 9pm. As of Wednesday, no arrests have been made.

Nevertheless, the name of this week’s top notch robber was the one man show. According to reports, the culprit has been spotted, and the police are investigating. For now, there are no injuries to report. However, it’s safe to say that the suspect is at least as smart as he is brazen. After all, it would be unconscionable for a shady character to leave the scene.

Nonetheless, the heist was the aforementioned hiccups for the most part. A casino employee was approached by a man in a dark colored Ford who demanded money. In a nutshell, the aforementioned robber tossed a small sack of bills on to the cage and was gone. One has to wonder what the cash was worth.

Joseph James O’Keefe and Stanley Albert Gusciora were prime suspects in the Brink’s robbery

Joseph James O’Keefe was a gang leader of a Boston criminal ring, which had planned a payroll truck robbery of the Brink’s bank in Federal Street, Boston. The FBI, however, believed that a number of hoodlums were involved, and sought to identify them.

Joseph Sylvester Banfield, Vincent James Costa, Anthony Pino, Michael Vincent Geagan, Thomas Francis Richardson, and Joseph McGinnis were identified as members of the gang. Each was convicted on various charges. They received the maximum penalty for life.

The gang planned the robbery for two years, and had practiced the operation on the staff. After the robbery, the gang returned the keys to the Brink’s building. Customers who had noticed marks on their money and securities were contacted to provide descriptive information.

In January of 1956, O’Keefe confessed to the robbery to the FBI. O’Keefe and Gusciora had been close friends for many years.

Anthony Carleo stole $1.5 million worth of casino chips from the Bellagio

The son of a Las Vegas municipal judge was busted for a casino robbery at the Bellagio. He was accused of stealing $1.5 million in casino chips. In addition to the theft, Carleo lost up to $107,000 at the Bellagio poker table, according to police.

According to police, the suspect was wearing a helmet during the crime. His motorcycle parked outside the Bellagio.

Carleo was caught by an undercover officer, who was posing as a thief. At the time, Carleo was a gambler and had been known to sell worthless chips to casino players at a discount. A casino chip is a gift card that can be used to buy items at the casino.

Carleo had no income, but he racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in gambling losses. He claimed to be addicted to cocaine and marijuana, and became hooked on prescription drugs.

Joseph James O’Keefe pleaded guilty to casino robberies and the killings of two armored truck drivers

When Joseph James O’Keefe was arrested in Pennsylvania, he had a number of criminal convictions in his past. He was known to underworld figures on the East Coast and was involved in shakedowns of bookies. But when he was arrested in April 1953, he had only served two years of a three-year sentence for a burglary in McKean County, Pennsylvania.

During his time in prison, O’Keefe became increasingly bitter with the gang members who were trying to keep him from returning home. The Boston underworld rumbled with reports of attempted murder. This led to the government attempting to get witnesses to speak before a grand jury. They hoped to discover the identity of the actual robbers.

In the months that followed, the FBI continued its investigation. It believed that O’Keefe would eventually turn against his co-conspirators.

MIT Blackjack team exploited millions at high-stakes

The MIT Blackjack team is arguably the best-known card counting entity in the Western world. It is the basis for several books and movies.

During the 1990s, casinos began to tighten their security measures. This prompted many professional counters to move on to other pursuits. A chance meeting led to the formation of the MIT Blackjack team.

The MIT team was more successful than you might think. The MIT card counters made millions of dollars playing blackjack in casinos all over the world.

Their success was not only the result of a unique system, but also of their hard work and determination. Players used complex counting systems to minimize the risks associated with betting at the tables. They honed their skills to be close to the optimal play.

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