Gambling tourism is one of the hottest travel trends. Tourists travel to countries around the world for the chance to gamble and win big money.

This type of travel is also a huge contributor to the economy of many countries. This is because casinos can attract tourists, who will stay and spend their money at hotels or restaurants.

Las Vegas

Renowned as the world’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas is a popular travel destination. While the city is known for its casinos and endless entertainment options, it also offers a variety of other attractions.

To get an insider’s look into Las Vegas’ gambling scene, try a small-group tour led by a local guide. During the tour, you’ll visit four different casinos, learn about their history and play some classic casino games.

If you’re into art, check out the gallery at the O Theatre, where wacky sculptures by Richard Macdonald are on display. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil acrobats, the pieces are striking and incredibly unique.


Macau has grown from a small Portuguese territory until 1999 into Asia’s Las Vegas, and today is one of the world’s hottest gambling destinations. Busloads of mainland Chinese and Hong Kongers cram into casinos and hotels every day looking to play high-roller games.

As well as the big casinos, the city has a number of attractions and historic sites to enjoy. During the day you can wander along narrow streets, visit churches, temples and fortresses that reflect the fusion of Portuguese and Chinese cultures.

At night the whole city comes alive with bars and clubs. There is a buzzing atmosphere and locals, especially the younger ones, are fond of meeting up with friends in western style cafes or places that serve bubble tea.


Austria is a largely mountainous landlocked country of south-central Europe, a member state of the European Union (EU). The majority of its citizens are ethnic Austrians, although significant numbers of people from neighboring countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and former East Bloc nations, also live there.

The country is a stable democracy with a social market economy and a commitment to protect ethnic and religious minorities from discrimination. It is a participant of international and regional organizations, including the United Nations and World Trade Organization.

The country’s enduring links with eastern and southeastern Europe give it a role as a facilitator of economic integration. It is also home to a flourishing arts and music scene that includes the internationally-renowned Vienna Philharmonic.


Whether you’re looking for a low-risk penny slot or high-stakes table games, casinos are one of Aruba’s most popular tourist attractions. These glitzy venues are found in many of the island’s top resorts, as well as downtown Oranjestad and Eagle Beach.

Depending on your luck, you can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. There are also race and sports kiosks, so you can place bets on your favorite team.

The Casino at Hilton offers a free players club program that allows you to earn comp points redeemable for cash, food & beverages, and casino merchandise. In addition, you can participate in fun casino promotions on a weekly or daily basis.


London is a renowned tourist destination that attracts millions of tourists every year. It offers an endless amount of entertainment options, from world-famous attractions to top-class restaurants and bars, theatre shows and fabulous green spaces.

Casino Gaming is a popular pastime in the city and there are numerous casinos worth visiting. There are some that are upscale and attract high-rollers, while others are more casual with a laid back atmosphere.

In addition to the numerous casinos, there are also many arenas in the city that focus on eSports and other forms of gaming. These arcades are often packed with top games to try and are a great place to visit when you’re in the capital.

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