If you’re interested in playing the game of 3 Card Poker, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about the game. Among the topics that will be covered are hand rankings, bonuses, payouts, antes and more.

Hand rankings

In the world of poker, hand rankings are the basis for deciding how to play. This is because they reflect the probability of making a certain hand. You can use this to determine if it’s time to hold ’em, fold ’em, or call ’em.

One of the most popular housed variations is 3-card poker. It is simple to play and has fewer rules than actual poker games. The game involves wagering on the dealer’s hand to win the pot.

To start, each player receives three cards face-up. These are the three best hands he or she can make.

Three of a kind is the highest ranked hand. This is made up of three cards of the same rank, regardless of the suit.


3 Card Poker is an easy game to learn, and it can pay big. However, it’s important to know which bets to make, and which to avoid.

There are two main types of bets to choose from. The first is the Ante bet, and the second is the Pair Plus bet.

An Ante bet is the traditional way to place a bet. It’s an optional bonus bet that pays off when your hand matches the dealer’s. A Pair Plus bet is also an option, but it isn’t necessary.

The most impressive payouts in 3 Card Poker come from the 6-Card Bonus. This is the highest possible payout, because it combines the player’s and dealer’s hands.

Bonus bets

Three Card Poker has a lot of different options for side bets. These are a great way to add a bit of variety to your game, and can even help you win bigger jackpots.

The Pair Plus bet is an optional wager that allows the player to make an additional bet based on three cards in the hand. It is placed before the cards are dealt. In the event that the player has a pair or better, the bet wins. However, if the player does not, the bet will lose.

The Six-Card Bonus bet is another option for players. Unlike the Pair Plus, the Six-Card bet has higher payouts.

Ante bonus structure

The Ante bonus structure in 3 Card Poker is a way of paying a bonus to players who qualify. These bonuses are paid to certain hands, which are based on the pay table on the table.

Depending on the casino, the pay table is either 1-1 or 4:1. A straight flush pays at 5 to 1, while a three-of-a-kind pays at 4 to 1.

To win the Ante Bonus, the player’s hand must beat the dealer’s. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Players may also compete against the posted payout table.

In addition to the Ante bonus, there is a Pair Plus bet. This is a separate wager that is independent of the Ante.


Three-of-a-kind is a hand of three cards that are the same in rank and suit. It is also called the Mini Royal Flush. The highest ranking straight flush is the Ace-King-Queen, while the lowest is 4-3-2.

This is one of the most common games played at casinos. Players compete against the dealer. If their hand beats the dealer’s, they win the pot. They can also opt to bet on a progressive wager. Depending on the version of the game, payouts can be very high.

The best way to play 3-card poker is to learn the rules and strategies. If you’re a novice player, it’s a good idea to go through some free play before committing to a real money bet.

Straight flush

The most important hand in 3 Card Poker is the Straight Flush. In fact, it’s the only hand that pays out. When a Straight Flush is formed, players receive a 40 to 1 payout.

Unlike traditional poker, 3 Card Poker uses a smaller deck. This makes the game more accessible. It also allows players to have fun with strangers. However, it’s important to follow the game’s rules to avoid losing.

You can play 3 Card Poker at most casinos. If you’re interested in playing, it’s best to start at a regulated site.

Three Card Poker is an easy and fun way to practice your poker skills. Play with friends or even at a table with a dealer. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the game is a great way to meet new people and enjoy a good time.

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