Celebrities often enjoy lavish homes, luxurious cars and other material possessions; however, for some it can also be an outlet to release stress and get away from it all.

Even famous movie stars like Ben Affleck and Charlie Sheen have been accused of developing a gambling problem. While this doesn’t necessarily indicate they’re bad gamblers, it could indicate an unhealthy tendency to lose too much money.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been a celebrity for over a decade and it appears she still enjoys gambling. She visits casinos in Las Vegas regularly and plays online casino games as well. Additionally, Paris has won substantial amounts of money in the past; thus, it seems likely that she will continue gambling into the future.

In an extensive interview with Glamour UK, the socialite shared her horrific teenage experience. According to reports, she suffered sexual abuse as a child – including being raped.

She is an outspoken advocate for preventing and reporting sexual abuse in youth facilities, and her recent testimony about her experiences at Provo Canyon School marked an important step toward improving how teens are treated.

She is now a leading advocate for breaking code silence at youth boarding schools and is working with civil rights groups to enhance regulation within this industry. Additionally, she recently released a documentary entitled This Is Paris which chronicles her time at the school and addresses any abuse suffered.

50 Cent

50 Cent has achieved remarkable success despite having a difficult start in life. He began as a rapper and entrepreneur, going on to become an accomplished television producer and actor as well.

He has a reputation for placing wagers on sports events and winning large sums of money from them. He once wagered $2 million on Manny Pacquiao and another bet that the San Francisco 49ers would defeat the New York Giants in a match.

The rapper also joined forces with television writer Courtney Kemp Agbor to launch the crime drama Power. This series has been an enormous hit.

He has also created his own video game, invested in soda water companies and signed a sneaker deal with Reebok. Throughout the years, his net worth has fluctuated considerably.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, an NBA great, has been a controversial figure since his debut in 1996. He’s renowned for his tattoos, clothing choices and personality.

He was a star at Georgetown University, where he played two seasons before being selected with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite his small stature, Iverson was one of basketball’s greatest ever players.

Iverson won the NBA MVP Award in 2001 and earned 11 All-Star selections, but his play was often criticized for selfishness and numerous off-court transgressions. Despite his career success, Iverson struggled with gambling and drinking issues which left him penniless.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon, the famous actor and poker enthusiast, was once a player himself before quitting. His first foray into gambling came when he was cast as a law student and poker pro in the 1998 movie Rounders.

Damon received professional poker coaching while making the film and was an inspirational support to his friend Ben Affleck who was struggling with addiction issues at that time. Although he still plays some poker now and then, it’s much less than before.

Since his starring role in Ocean’s Eleven, Damon has continued to make high-profile films that have earned him both box office success and critical praise. He’s portrayed a cocky Texas Ranger in True Grit (2010), an army officer in Green Zone (2009) and an ex-convict in Elysium (2013); plus he appeared alongside Steven Soderbergh’s acclaimed thriller Behind the Candelabra. Most recently he stars as Jason Bourne in Jason Bourne: the fifth installment in the Bourne series.

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