Why you should read the terms and conditions on a casino bonus


Feb 15, 2023

Every casino on the internet offers bonuses to its customers to increase their opportunities to win some money. As time passes and more casinos appear, you will tend to see that there are more and bigger bonuses, as an arms race develops among the casinos that are seeking to attract a growing number of customers. You’ll notice when checking out the casinos available at sitesnotongamstop.com that there are some bonuses that are almost unbelievable. In truth, those bonuses are entirely legitimate, but as a player you need to be aware of the terms and conditions.

Any offer, from any source, will come with terms and conditions. They can be fairly straightforward or extremely awkward, depending on who’s making the offer available and what the offer is. Even something as basic as getting a free pen when signing up to a subscription service will come with a caveat like “one pen per customer”. Casino bonus terms and conditions are similar – they’ll dictate whether you get a bonus and how you can use it. And you should definitely read them, because knowing what they are will be important when it comes to using your bonus. Some standard terms and conditions are:

How you make your deposit

Some casinos will have a policy of only offering bonuses when you use a certain means of deposit. For instance, if you are using a casino that accepts PayPal, it may not allow the bonus to be paid when you use PayPal. It may not seem logical to you that they do this, but if it is in the terms and conditions you won’t have a leg to stand on should you complain. This is important, because these are details you need to know before you set about claiming a bonus. Making your initial deposit with an ineligible method may mean that even when you deposit using an eligible method, you’re still not entitled to the bonus.

Wagering requirements

Just about every bonus that you get from a casino will stipulate that all money won from the bonus needs to be wagered a certain number of times. This number can vary considerably: the lower requirements tend to start at 35x, and some of the higher ones can rise as high as 65x. If you collect a bonus and then win £30, wagering requirements of 35x will mean that you need to wager £1050 in order to cash it out. If your bonus funds run out before you have wagered that much, then you won’t be able to access your winnings , but then it’s not like you’ve lost real money – it only becomes real once wagering is complete. Just make sure you keep an eye on the bonus cash, and stop wagering if it runs out.

Specified games

Some bonuses stipulate that you can only use your bonus money on a certain kind of game, or on a specific game itself. You may be informed that you can’t bet bonus money on baccarat, for example, or that it’s a slots-only bonus and you can only use it on a specific slot (or one of a chosen range). It’s not a certainty that your bonus will have this caveat attached, but you should always check beforehand to ensure that you are making eligible bets.

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